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Cheryl Lawes

Directors View – November 2020

By: Cheryl Lawes     |     Published 17th November 2020

Welcome to the first of our Directors’ View We’ve decided this shall be written in turn by the three of us. To kick things off, the guys have given me the honour of writing this first issue. Is now the right time to switch focus from reactive short-term measures to recalibrating your long term business strategy? […]




England and Company’s Cheryl Lawes discusses her involvement with the Bowra Foundation and offers advice to others considering becoming a trustee of a charity.

By: Cheryl Lawes     |     Published 13th July 2020
Last week you joined Mark Bowra on Day 30 of his Bowra1000 challenge. Do you want to start by telling us a little bit more about Mark and The Bowra Foundation? Mark is a remarkable character; I can honestly say it has been a humbling experience getting to know him. For those of you that [...] Read More...



Cheryl Lawes

Marking 30 years at England and Company Partner: Cheryl Lawes – shares her thoughts on the current situation and how Entrepreneurs can prepare for the next 6 months.

By: Cheryl Lawes     |     Published 26th June 2020

England and Company team act as skilled and trusted business advisors to so many of the clients it serves. How many have called upon that level of guidance in the last few weeks? I have worked at England & company for 30 years this week and never have we as a business community faced such […]




Autumn Statement – An unexciting offering for business

By: Cheryl Lawes     |     Published 23rd November 2016

From a tax perspective Phillip Hammond’s first and in fact last Autumn Statement was a fairly unexciting offering. They’ve actually been scrapped going forward. He was businesslike and to the point, at times funny. There were lots of economic and social elements but as an accountancy practice we focus here on tax news The edited […]