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With continual changes to the NHS system, it is increasingly important to take a proactive approach in the day-to-day running of your practice.

We have the specialist knowledge and expertise to assist with your accounts, tax and superannuation compliance work. We take the future of your business seriously, utilising a broad range of experience to discuss other opportunities with you.

We can tailor our services to your specific requirements:

  • Forecasting cash flows, drawings and current accounts
  • Considering your future liabilities
  • Tax planning opportunities
  • Helping you to deal with any financial concerns, enabling you to focus on managing the practice

We listen and try to understand what makes your practice successful, so that any advice we provide is both useful and viable for your specific circumstances.

Providing a reliable accounting support service includes assisting with:

  • Current account forecasts and recalculations for changes in partners and/or sessions
  • Superannuation forecasts and amendments throughout the year for changes in practice structure
  • Tax liability forecasts to assist with your own personal cash flow forecasting and to identify any potential planning opportunities
  • Reviewing partnership agreements
  • Practice performance reports
  • Assistance in considering a potential move towards partnership or other choices presented to you
  • Ensuring a smooth financial transition for incoming and outgoing partners
  • Advice regarding property acquisitions and disposals

GP Registrars

While the majority of your training focuses on your day-to-day work, the importance of the financial considerations you need to be aware of can be overlooked.

We provide either general or detailed overviews, specific to your requirements, to ensure you meet your obligations. If you are considering becoming a self-employed locum, salaried GP or principal in a GP practice, we can provide tailored guidance to help you make the right decision.


As your accountant, ensuring that you comply with tax legislation is at the forefront of our mind. Our support will increase your confidence in your self-employed status, reported income and expenditure.

With ever changing tax legislation and medical sector test cases becoming more common, we aim to stay one step ahead. We provide guidance and support to ensure you receive the maximum amount of tax relief available to you. Crucially we are also completely up front with you if we feel you may be at risk in the event of an HMRC check.


We provide quality financial information on a timely basis to help you comprehensively consider your options for the forthcoming year. Leaving your accounts and tax returns until the last minute unfortunately means planning opportunities can be missed.

We take time to understand where your business is going, so we can advise you on decisions that will shape your future. Whatever your ambitions and requirements, we will guide and support you in achieving this.

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